The Best Antivirus for Android in 2017

Complying with their periodicity, AV-TEST have carried out an exhaustive analysis on security solutions for the Android mobile operating system. That is, about Android antivirus that we can find right now in the Google Play Store. And it’s important, because we are talking about the system with the largest market share globally, the equivalent of Windows within mobile OS.

What they analyze, as in antivirus for other operating systems, are three key points. First of all, and of course, in the case of an antivirus it must be well protected against recognized malware threats. But in addition, they also focus on analyzing the usability of the application and the functions offered to the user, both in terms of quantity and quality and ease of use. And on the other hand, as a third point, they also analyze the resource load that implies on the system in its execution, both in the first and second plane, without leaving aside the interface.

The Best Antivirus for Android in 2017

Antivirus for Android: the best security solutions in 2017

There are a total of 20 antivirus products this company has analyzed. And each of the sections we commented above punctuates independently, although the company also produces a global ranking in which the best antivirus are collected according to the count of these scores. In this sense, the best antivirus according to AV-TEST are those of AhnLab, Antiy, Bitdefender, Cheetah Mobile, G Data, Kaspersky Lab, McAffee, Norton Mobile, Sohpos, Tencent and Trend Micro. Those of these companies dedicated to computer security are the ones that have obtained better results in their tests.

Below are Top 3 Antivirus to Download:

Avast Premier: http://solidsoftwaretools.com/avast-premier-license-key

Norton: https://us.norton.com/downloads

Bitdefender: https://www.bitdefender.com/solutions/antivirus.html

On the other hand, also stand out the antivirus of Alibaba and NSHC, of all the solutions tested, like the worse ones next to Quick Heal. And they are the worst because they can not get rid of the malware that they propose in their security tests, and because they are also not able to work on a mobile device without causing notable changes in performance. In addition, AV-TEST also criticize other relevant sections, such as the interface or, simply, the functions that are offered to the user to analyze the memory of your device, applications and so on.

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